Short Trip to Singapore

I spent about 4 days for this time, rather short but I am happy because my planned itinerary was almost accomplished.

20 May 2005
With the hottest movie in town, we watched STAR WARS EPISODE III (digital edition) at 10am early in the morning. I was wondering how different is the normal version and digital version going to be? And, I was wondering is this happened in KL too? Anyway, it is my remarkable event for the year.

I visited MINYOON at Barclays Capital Office near Plaza Singapore during tea time. It is a nice environment though. His colleagues nearly confused that I was MINYOON while I was waiting for him. How could he change to casual wear so quickly after the meeting? It was a joke to me and it always is!

I took initiative to arrange a casual appointment with Singapore colleagues whom I haven’t known them all. In the evening, I met them at BALACLAVA, right in front of SUNTEC CITY. Surprisingly, colleagues from Frankfurt and London were there too. They are friendlier than I expected.  We talked about the history of our organization, working culture in different cities and so forth.  It was my pleasure to meet them. Hoping there will be a lot of upcoming appointments in future when I travel to Singapore again.

21 May 2005
My auntie told me there’s a chewing gum size BAH KWA (肉干) selling in Singapore. I didn’t believe because I thought that was only happened in the movie called “小孩不笨”. However, I found that it is selling at 美珍香, near Chinatown MRT Station. I decided to grab some my colleagues as souvenirs.

22 May 2005
As planned earlier, we reached at SENTOSA about 6pm. Before that, MINYOON brought me to a very tasty Taiwanese food stall in Harbor Front Shopping Centre, namely Shilim (士林). I loved the tempura and the XXL chicken chop. I will taste it again when I visit Singapore next round.

I never know that SENTOSA is an island until my friend told me. We took cable car straight to SENTOSA Island in order to avoid traffic jam. It was 15 min journey. We enjoyed the scenery while we were having the ride in the cable car. We had been to Under Water World. I am quite disappointed because it is rather small than I expected. However, we get to know a lot of wonderful creatures which we never seen before. I personally like the nemo very much. They are small and cute! Further, we enjoyed the scenery on the Siloso beach and also the temple.

23 May 2005
We had a farewell lunch at 翡翠小笼包 restaurant, Suntec City. The ramen and other Dim Sum are delicious. Subsequently, we went to the Buddhist temple near Bugis MRT station to pray for a little while. The weather was extremely hot. We couldn’t stay any longer as there was too crowded.  At 6pm, I headed back to KL.

Although the journey is rather short and hurry, nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much, particularly with my lovely brother and lovely friends too. It was a meaningful journey to me.