Leo Ku @ Arena of Stars, Genting Highland


On 3rd Sept 2005, was a day for Global Chinese Music Award held in Bukit Jalil Stadium. It was also coincided with Leo Ku’s concert which is held at Arena of Stars, Genting Highland.

The concert started at about 8pm. The crowd is still on-going as too many audiences keep coming towards the hall. I was told that the tickets were fully sold out and more seats are added due to the over-whelming respond. With that, you could know how attractive he is.

The performance

There were some disturbance noises at the beginning. During the performance, he danced well with the dancers plus his fabulous dressing (as photos shown below) as well as the animation at the backdrop. He put a lot of effort in dancing, as he mentioned during the concert, he doesn’t want to be claimed that Leo Ku who did not know anything other than singing in the concert. Anyway, overall, the performance is excellent.

At the end of the show, there would be an “ENCORE” session as expected. Leo Ku sang his last song〈爱与诚〉. As usual, he gone to the back stage, the crews then started packing up the music instruments. Meantime, most of us not intend to leave the hall although some were leaving because none expected there will be another encore session. We stood up on the chair and keep shouted “ENCORE” again and again. The music director then show a “hold” sign to us and got into the back stage. After a short while, the music director backed on stage with the crews, and we knew Leo Ku would sing another last song for us. He asked what song we loved to listen but no one could give a unanimous answer as the environment is too noisy. Finally, he sang 〈爱与诚〉again due to no preparation for the special requested encore session.


I enjoyed it very very much. Deeply hope he would have another bigger concert in Malaysia again in the near future.

Special thanks to Cindee for providing the ticket and photos.