My Myvi Test Drive

I remember I did mention on my upcoming Myvi test drive since June 2005. Well, few months later, finally I get this opportunity. I’ve been waiting this for so long. Special thanks to Caessy for providing her lovely car for the test run.

Most of the people assume that Perodua is 100% local car manufacturing company. However, to be more specific, Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd comprises of 51% shareholding controlled by DMC and Mitsui (Japanese Company) and 49% is owned by Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd.

Well, let’s talk more on the Myvi. It has a stylish look, good body shape and comfortable. Obviously, it is bigger and more spacious than Savvy. Of course the price is also higher.

The overall Interior design looks good and the colors are matching although mostly are dark colors. Good design on the steering and the gear controller. The panel also looks good as well as the audio system panel also looks awesome especially the lights on at night.

Passenger seats at the back are more specious even though if I take up the driver seat. Besides, the car is tall. Again, you don’t have to squeeze yourself to get in the car. I think mostly new cars are in tall size nowadays.

Upon all the compliments on the Myvi, however, there is a drawback on the pick up issue. I wonder whether it is because of the heavy body matter. I find it is quite slow pick up when the car begin to run. With the 1.3K CC horse power, I expect it should perform up to the standard but sadly to say the pick up speed really disappointed. Anyway, I deeply hope that the manual version would not have this problem.

In short, Myvi is a good looking, spacious and comfortable car. Feel free look at the photos shown below. Thanks to Caessy for giving me this opportunity to have the test drive. I am truly appreciating that!!