Lunch at Gohtong Jaya with family

It wasn’t easy to get minyoon back to KL due to his workload in Singapore. However, I am glad have him back though a bit rush this time (28-31 Oct 2005). Of course minyoon wouldn’t come back without a purpose. Actually, his mission is to get those legal documents to be signed.

During this short trip, we met up with old schoolmates and had some drinks at Q bar, Sunway Pyramid. Well, we all didn’t change much after so many years. Haha!

On the next day, minyoon and I suggested to have lunch with daddy and mommy at Gohtong Jaya. It is 30 min journey from Kuala Kubu Baru. The weather was cold after a heavy rain. The food seems OK as nothing tastes delicious anyway.  We took some photos there as the scenery really looks great! Please enjoy the photos taken by minyoon.