Stay Cool … …

It is always sad to hear that a capable worker who isn’t appreciating by the manager. A worker with great passion who always keeps devoting, keeps believing, keeps contributing to the team with the ultimate vision to enlighten the team looks good in the perspective of the organization. However, the worker is always ending up with leaving the organization with dissatisfaction and disappointment.

I read an email of an ex-worker who sent to all the recipients across the organization in expressing her deep frustration towards her manager’s attitude. The most remarkable statement she ever made on the last phrase was truly amazing. “PEOPLE LEAVE MANAGERS, NOT ORGANISATION!”Knowingly she did this on purpose not only to address she had enough for everything from the irrational manager but also to awake us that this is the fact in reality.

Understanding that you are currently working in the prescriptive environment as above, carrying with the frustration and dissatisfaction by hesitating on the present workload and the reward scheme within the division is justifiable. However, I hope you may perhaps stay cool with the peace of mind to tackle the fact and coping with the unfair reward scheme distribution temporarily.

Knowingly you are the top performer within the team; and no doubt on your capabilities is going beyond to the manager to certain extent. And because of that, you are being monitored on every movement. Your manager might strikes his best interest to bring you down for whatever it takes. His own racist protective issue is still persists ever since you joined the team. Why don’t you transform your anger into forces to enhance further on your technical skills as well as management skills instead of formulating the strategies to revenge him while realizing the fact that you could not possibly counterstrike with your own little tiny power.

All I want to say is, please save your energy on the vengeance and start looking for better opportunities out there. Never giving up on hope to look forward for better job opening, you might find a manager who would appreciate your talent, who would ready to groom you. Just be patient, it’s only the matter of time.