I can’t wait to switch my Maxis to Celcom

It has been bothering me so much, so much so that I almost hated it and needed it a change so badly. I don’t know what happen to Maxis which lost the signal unsolved at my area since couple of months ago. This on-going unsolved issue is killing me even till up to a point that I want to give up hope on it while Celcom keeps pushing the “EXECUTIVE PLAN PROMOTION” by all means lately in the advertisements at anywhere.

With the attractive package offered, I believe I shall change the network to a better one. I believe I shall deserve a better package with a better coverage, while only the branding stuff doesn’t work for me ever since nor anymore. And thus, what is holding me back then?

It is the number retention that I’m concerning about. It is the unofficial news that I have listened, where the mobile number stays still but it is freely attached to any network provider starts from the mid of August 2008 onwards. It is the question of when the unofficial news would become an official one. It is the question of the flexibility could be REALLY flexible. It is the question of my patience could be sustained when it is announced to be extended further.

The weak coverage is really sickening me! As I need the communication at the very most moment for now. How long should I get to wait still? Anybody? Please!