An Accident on 04.04.14

On the 4th day of April, 2014, it was a day that I just finished company training at Cameron Highlands. Leaving a cooling place with having bad flu was truly challenging on my driving journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

Knowing of my consciousness was not at the best state, but my stubbornness had overwritten my logical thought, so I decided to drive back with bad flu. And guess what? I met car accident at KM37 from Cameron Highlands heading to Simpang Pulai.

It was drizzling during the journey from Cameron Highlands to Simpang Pulai. On my way back, I was keep sneezing and my tears keep rolling out. I could never pay 100% attention on the steering wheel, even though I was trying my best to overcome it. Then, the unfortunate incident happened.

At KM37, the rear wheels started to lost control and slipped from right to left. In my mind, only 1 word came out and that was “shit”. After that, the car was spin towards opposite direction and hit to the drain next to the road shoulder. The first thing I did was, opened car window and jumped out. Luckily there was a lorry passed by and help me to call up tow truck. During this longest waiting time (it was about 10 min), I took 2 photos just in case it might be useful for future. And here they are…



Thank god that I was not injured.

Lesson learnt throughout this incident. I overcame my fear and got myself organised on the steps what to do next. Thanks to my training fellows those assisted me to look for contact details of Proton Repair Center. I managed to get tow truck service from Cameron Highlands to Ipoh Police Traffic Station and another crane service from Ipoh Police Traffic Station to Proton Repair Center at Glenmarie, Shah Alam. Thanks to Etiqa Auto Assist for arranging tow service. Meanwhile, I made call to the center that the car need to be arrived at about mid night. Fortunately, the staff replied that I could drop it there anytime. All I need to do is to inform the security guard.

None of these would be done smoothly if I wasn’t calm. Thanks to all of my friends and my fellow colleagues whom I knew them at the training session. They had me calm and assisted me whenever I needed them. Truly appreciated their help and concerns.

I feel that I had changed a little, and I wish that I could apply all the 8 core values in my life. To make a little different to the thing and people around me.